Famous Drivers

Admin / March 10, 2015

Race car drivers can be famous for one of two things. Either they are hugely successful at the race track, with multiple wins to their credit. Or they are famous actors who also feel the need for the speed they find on a car track. And there are more of those than we might think.

There is really big money in racing. Most people agree that race car driver Michael Schumacher is one of the most successful and wealthiest race car drivers in the world, with a net worth that was approaching a billion dollars. Sadly, though, more than a year ago he suffered a skiing accident—ironically, it was not a racing accident—and has been struggling to recover ever since. Even though he was wearing a helmet, his injuries included a significant brain injury and the chance for his full recovery is poor.

While older fans remember race car driver Dale Earnhardt, who was killed in a race car crash at Daytona in 2001, his son, Dale, Jr, picked up where he left off.  Most people would assume that the death of his father would be a cautionary tale and that he’d want to do something else, professionally, but that wasn’t the case. He was a chip off the old block, so to speak.  Although you’d have to wonder why he’d risk his own life like that.

California has its share of famous drivers. Jimmie Johnson, for one, and Kevin Harvick, for another.  You’d have to wonder what happens when these California drivers get California auto insurance quotes from https://california-insurance.net/california-auto-insurance/ are they quoted higher rates because of their risk? Or are rates lower because they are professional drivers?

Most everyone knows that the late Paul Newman loved to race as well as act, and some say he was a better racer than actor, which is saying something. He was both a team owner and driver who won at Daytona at age 70. Quite an accomplishment.

The late actor Steve McQueen was known for more than the car scenes in Bullitt—he loved motorcycles and was a good car racer as well.

Most people don’t realize actor James Dean was developing his racing career even as he was killed when his Porsche hit another vehicle in California. He was on his way to a racing event.

Other famous actors who also raced included Gene Hackman, James Garner and Jackie Cooper.