New York Homeowners Insurance

Admin / March 13, 2015

Top 5 New York Homeowners Insurance Companies.

When it comes to protecting any investment, insurance is crucial. Homeowners insurance can protect you from becoming homeless in the event of catastrophic circumstances that render your home unlivable. It can also help cover the costs of repairs after floods, fires, and even vandalism. A good New York homeowners insurance plan can even protect you from being sued should someone become injured while on your property. When it comes to something of such importance, it is essential to choose a good company to provide the insurance policy. The following is a brief list regarding what could considered the top five insurance companies for the state of New York. The ranking is based on not just average pricing, but customer reported satisfaction as well.

Number One: Allstate

It could be said that Allstate has some pretty sizable hands to hold as many New York residents as they do. When it comes to both pricing and and customer satisfaction, it is hard to beat what they have to offer. With both a highly praised in person support and online interface, they may be an older company, but they’ve definitely kept up with the times and reward long time New York homeowners insurance policy holders in good standing.

Number Two: Liberty Mutual 

Another company that has been around a long time, Liberty Mutual only just barely ranks below Allstate in terms of pricing. Their customers though, can be said to be equally satisfied with the services provided.

Number Three: MetLife

Not as big a player in the state of New York, Metlife still makes a fairly impressive stand when it comes to providing quality New York Homeowners Insurance plans. Their pricing is a bit higher than the top two, but customer love their catastrophe response team and quick response times.

Number Four: State Farm

More than just a catchy jingle, the good neighbors at State Farm have been able to hold their own and prove they can provide some of the highest levels of customer satisfaction. They have a lot to offer and are very competitive with their pricing as well when it comes to  New York homeowners insurance plans.

Number Five: Travelers

Like the top two on the list, Travelers has been around a while, however they’ve not always been on top of the technological advances. Their efforts in the last few years though have made them a worthy contender and a company that has a lot of potential for continued growth, especially for those who are new to owning a home.